MTN Lodge Ridgway’s Fall Activity Guide

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To our fall lovers who want to make the most of the season, here’s our fall activity guide that includes activities in Ridgway, Ouray, and Telluride to keep you busy all fall long!

Go Leaf Peeping

We have to start this list out with a bang – leaf peeping! If you’re unfamiliar with the term, this refers to the art of taking in the beauty of fall foliage. And stunning fall foliage the Ridgway area has.

Depending on the year and elevation, leaves in the Ridgway area start turning their eye-popping yellow, orange, and red in mid-September and last through the beginning of October, though sometimes it can go on for longer. Typically, the leaves turn brown and drop earlier the closer you get to the mountaintops, while color arrives later and stays later down in the valley.

If you love fall for its crisp air and magnificent display of colors, you’re going to love leaf peeping around Ridgway. If you need some tips on where to go to see the best display of the changing leaves, check out our other blog post on the matter.

Go Mountain Biking

Sure, mountain biking can be done in the spring and summer, but the truly best time to spin your wheels is in the fall. The cool air and stunning leaf colors will make any ride one to remember!

There are plenty of easy to moderate rides in Ridgway State Park and Dennis Weaver Memorial Park. For more challenging terrain, Ridgway has a wonderful multi-use system through the foothills. There are also trails for cyclists of all levels in Ouray as well. No matter where you ride, remember to share the trail and ride in control. And if the trail is muddy, maybe pick a different activity to do for the day. Riding on muddy trails can rut them out, and we want to keep the trails in good condition for others to use for a long time. Trails are typically open until November 1, but be sure to double-check before heading out on a ride.

Soak in the Orvis Hot Springs

This is the perfect activity if you’re looking for a relaxing time or just want to soak your sore muscles after a long day of adventuring. The Orvis Hot Springs is a natural hot springs resort that isn’t heated or treated in any man-made way. You can visit here throughout the year, but the relaxing pools and fall colors make it a must-visit during this season.

A soak in the hot springs relaxing, but did you know it has other benefits? It also naturally detoxes your skin, induces healthy blood circulation, supports healthy heart activity, and reduces pain. Add this to the top of your fall activity list if you’re in the area!

Climb Some Rocks

If you’re craving some more adventurous activities, try rock climbing in Ouray. Known as the “Switzerland of America,” rock climbing during the fall here means you’ll have an unforgettable experience that offers thrilling challenges and stunning natural beauty. The vibrant colors are the perfect backdrop as you climb, and the reliable weather provides optimal climbing conditions.

Ouray offers a little bit of everything, so families, beginners, and more advanced climbers will find something to suit their fancy. Popular climbing areas include Rotary Park, The Pool Wall, and The Overlook Cliff, but local guides can help guide you in the right direction according to your skill level.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Is it even a fall activity guide if there isn’t a mention of a pumpkin patch?

Covered Bridge Ranch is a family-owned and operated ranch that is the perfect spot to have some fall fun. We admit, we are cheating a little, as Covered Bridge Ranch is 40 minutes outside of Ridgway in Montrose, but this charming farm is worth the mention and worth the drive.

While you and your family can go pick some pumpkins here, there are also plenty of other activities to check out. Go on a hayride with a treasure hunt, navigate your way through a hay bale maze, meet some farm animals, climb the giant haystack, and roast marshmallows at the campfire. No reservations necessary. The farm opens September 30 and will stay open until October 29.

Take Part in a Scavenger Hunt

Try something unique and immersive with the Telluride Tirade Scavenger Hunt! This fun adventure will take you off the beaten path to uncover hidden gems and local secrets. You’ll document your progress by texting photos and videos to your remote host who cheers you on and assists you as you play. Not to mention you’ll be exploring beautiful Telluride in the fall – what’s not to love?

Plan Your Fall Getaway with MTN Lodge Ridgway

With so many activities to do in the area, you’ll need a basecamp to stay at. This fall, we invite you to stay at the MTN Lodge Ridgway! We’re located in Ridgway, Colorado, and are the perfect basecamp for all the fall activities. We have comfortable rooms and incredible mountain views. Let’s make your stay a memorable one.